Trip to Folsom Palladio!!

Hey Guys! I recently had the opportunity to work with Folsom Palladio through their ambassador program and had such a great time!! The Palladio is an outdoor mall right off the freeway with some of my favorite shops and restaurants. When I got asked to do this it was an immediate yes, not just because I love shopping (that’s kind of a given haha) but because I go there so frequently. I got asked to do this a few months ago but I wanted to wait till it was a perfect day to be outside and one that I could bring one of my best friends too!

We started our day around 11:00 and our first stop was of course Barnes and Noble. This is probably where 90% of my blog posts for you guys are done, the other 10% is probably in bed haha. Barnes and Noble is the perfect spot to get work done at their cafe and with the open concept, all of the comfortable seating and all of the greenery it really makes it feel warm and homey. We grabbed a drink (I ordered the pink drink and Leslie ordered a cold brew) and we walked around. Leslie isn’t really the shopping type so this was probably her favorite part hahaha. I’ve been on the hunt for a new book and checked out Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley (waiting to get the audio book).

Next we walked next door to Sephora. Sephora is a newer store in the Palladio and I’m so glad they recently put one in. I’ve been on the hunt for a good red/orange lip color for summer but of course I made a beeline to the skincare section first. One great thing about Sephora is they have a Skin I.D kiosk. You take a short quiz about your skin type/ what you are looking for and then they give you a list of everything they would recommend. It’s a little overwhelming at first but I usually keep the printout for future purchases. I got the Sephora Collection Brilliant Cream Lip Shine in shade 06 Sunshine Pink, 3 samples of different skin care products I’ve been wanting to try and Leslie finally took the plunge and got Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops, YAY!

On our way to Nordstrom Rack we stopped by Apricot Lane, a local boutique I work with about once a month. It was so fun having Leslie meet the owners, try on things she loved and get to see a company I’ve been working with. Also how cute is this lemon print dress!?

Nordstrom Rack was an obvious must and a store I can’t drive by without going into. They always have the best sales going on and I love browsing the designer section. I ended up finding a gift card for them in my purse so picked up the cutest swimsuit for summer.

As we were walking to H&M we passed by a little home boutique called
Rod Works. I had always seen this store driving through the Palladio but had never been inside. Well ya’ll let’s just say that it’s a good thing that 1. I hadn’t been since now and 2. I was moving, because I wanted EVERYTHING!!!! Can you say Joanna Gaines!? Leslie and I fell in love with everything in that store and were shocked at how reasonable the prices were! I kept telling her that the second I get my own place I’m coming back to this store!!

Our last stop was H&M (one of my favorite stores). I love H&M because they are always up to date with what’s on trend at the moment and always keep their store organized and accessible. This summer I am really drawn to darker hues like burnt orange, green and browns while adding in pops of white to keep it cool and summery. I fell in love with this paisley print top and can’t wait to wear it in Arizona!!

As we were walking out of H&M I could just tell Leslie was shopped out! I turned to her and said, “You need a drink?” (That’s really what 15 years of friendship teaches you, when your BFF needs a drink haha). We ended our day eating at Lazy Dog, a restaurant I recently discovered the last couple of months. One of my favorite things about Lazy Dog is they have killerrr happy hour menu from 3-6. I ordered the  Cucumber Mint Martini and Leslie ordered the Watermelon Margarita (not her normal drink of choice but she loved it haha). We decided to order several appetizers and share everything. My favorite is always the Lettuce Wraps but I also loved the mac n cheese! Also if you are feeling adventurous their ‘dirty dog’ is amazing!!!

We left the Palladio with tired feet, full stomach’s and already planning our next get together. Thanks Folsom Palladio for such a fun day, until next time!!