Spring Cleaning

Okay confession time- I have this thing where I hate a mess. Literally I can’t focus on anything unless my room, bathroom and purse are clean and organized and my suitcase is completely unpacked and laundry is done. It just stresses me out of me and I am 100% more productive when those thoughts aren’t lingering around in my head. So it’s no surprise that I’m one of the rare people who looks forward to Spring-cleaning, I LOVE it!

As much as I love Fall and Winter (which I will miss) I have to say that I love the way my closet looks when it’s spring and summer. It’s much more organized, more space because there aren’t bulky sweaters taking up so much room and overall I just love the pastels, pops of colors and a million little white dresses. Now sure my closet needs a serious makeover but what about the other parts of my life? There’s something so refreshing about cleaning out the last 6 months of your life, which is why I’m taking this time to share with you how I’m cleaning out every part of my life whether that’s my closet, conscious or creative side.

Cleaning out my closet:

I keep my (fall/winter) and (spring/summer) clothes in plastic bins in the garage and switch out my clothes throughout the year.

  1. The first thing I do is take everything out of my closet; yes I mean everything (shoes, sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses, anything that’s on a shelf comes down). If you have as much stuff as I do there’s no way you can see everything you have (especially that top that fell off the hanger that you forgot about). Think of it as a blank canvas. For me it’s kind of exciting and opens the door to my creative and minimalistic side.
  2. The second thing I do is make 4 piles; keep, store away, sell/donate and maybe keep (lol). After everything is in the right pile I go into the garage, pull out the boxes and go through each piece making the same 4 pile sections. Once I can visually see how much is in the keep pile I go back to my maybe piles and go through it again.

Some questions I ask myself when deciding what goes in what pile is:

  • Does this fit/look good on me? And really fit not like if I wear them for 2 hours I’ll be fine
  • If I were shopping right now would I buy this again?
  • Do I think that this style/print/design/cut/fabric will be in style in the future?
  • Have I worn this in the last few years or ever haha
  • Is it comfortable? (give away that itchy wool sweater!!)
  • Am I keeping this because of obligation or expectation

Here’s the thing; you can always buy something like it but better. If you are keeping a tight black dress that isn’t flattering but you think you should have a black dress just because, then toss it. If the time comes that you need a black dress are you really going to want to wear the one that doesn’t look good? Which leads me into my next point

  1. Make a list of pieces that you want to add and invest in. Save this in your phone or create a Pinterest board that has what you want in the future. Spend more on items that will last a lifetime and continue to be in style and less on the ones that are only going to be a trend this year. Unless you are in love with it, than by all means spend away! If you’re good (unlike me) you could even give up an old piece for every new piece that you buy. Props to you if you can do that…haha.

Other tips and tricks: if you have a smaller closet

  • Switching to fabric hangers = game changer. More space = shopping trip validated (;
  • Organize your closet by color and then sleeve length
  • Keep your shoe boxes
  • Think about an under the bed sliding plastic drawer to store things that you don’t wear all the time but still want accessible
  • Use shower hooks to hang up tank tops
  • Store scarves, belts and clutches in fabric drawers
  • Fold sweaters! Do not hang them up it looses their shape!!
  • Think about getting hooks that go over the door to keep bulkier jackets and vests

Cleaning out my head:

Really reflecting on your life and what your goals are for this year is a perfect way to prioritize your life and realize what’s important, and what’s not. It’s also a great opportunity to get ahead and get a jump-start on things. Whether that be personally, financially, physically, spiritually or emotionally there’s no better time to start then now.

Some of the things that are on my to do list in the next few months are:

  • Start grad application early and network with more people on ways i can get ahead
  • Open a credit card and start building credit and investing in my future
  • Read 3 business books by the time summer arrives
  • Get more sleep overall and make it a priority to go to bed earlier
  • Make business cards
  • Carry a water bottle around everywhere I go
  • Set more daily to do lists
  • Set more weekly and monthly goals
  • Spend part of my day off doing something outdoors

Others include:

  • Unsubscribing to everything that doesn’t actually benefit me
  • Cleaning out my phone (going through pictures, emails etc.) and my computer

Cleaning out my conscious:

Sometimes we don’t realize it but our ANTS (any negative thoughts) take up so much space in our heads eventually causing us to feel crappy about ourselves. Take this time and reflect on what reoccurring negative thoughts you continue to have and get down to root of the problem and your plan on fixing it. Most of what happens to us we can’t change but it’s all about developing the right mentality to get you through it. Some of mine are:

  • Realize that everything you do has a purpose even if we don’t see it now
  • There isn’t a right way to do life. Everyone is on their own path in life and that’s okay if yours is different
  • Read a business or motivational book to keep you on track
  • Your time, effort and love are precious; be sure you are giving it to people who actually appreciate and deserve it, and deserve you
  • Let go of grudges, it doesn’t help you

Doing so will open the door to a more positive, creative and overall happy you!

That’s it! I hope this post helps some of you get organized and more motivated to clean out your life, I promise you won’t regret it!(: