Officially a SoCal Girl!!

Hiii guys!! Can you believe it’s already August!? I feel like summer literally just started yet the #nsale just ended like WHAT!!! It’s crazy to think that my last post, was sharing with you guys about me moving and starting a whole new chapter of my life, feels like forever ago! Since then I have moved to Arizona, traveled to New Mexico, back to Sacramento and then officially moved to Huntington Beach.

I remember not thinking twice about this move because I had and have wanted a change for so long! So long you guys!!! I don’t think I really even understood what I was about to do I just kind of did it, something that is normally veryyy rare for me.

Looking back on these last few months I have realized that my life has been completely flipped upside down not once, but TWICE! To be honest it’s been easy and hard all at the same time, let me elaborate; my move to Arizona was one of, if not THE easiest transitions I have ever done. I lived with the best coworker, found the sweetest photographer to shoot with, who has now become a close friend of mine and got to work alongside one of the greatest people in our industry. Aside from the 110 degree weather (I’ll visit again in the Winter lol) Arizona was great and was yet another reminder that this big move was exactly what I needed to do. What I wasn’t ready for though was the wave (ha get it?) of emotions that come with uprooting your life not once, but TWICE.

Now I’m in HB, officially a SoCal girl finally (somewhat) settled and my life is in complete disarray. Trying to figure out a routine, work schedule, finding a photographer that I love, furnishing our place, figuring out finances, finding a high SPF (LOL) is hard!! My new normal has become chaos, figuring it out as I go along, trial and error and to put it simply my life is a mess. I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything would all be figured out, that would be nice right? Sometimes I even want so badly for my old life back, where everything had a place, a time and a routine, I’m sure my skin would like that too haha.

The thing is, is that developing a routine and establishing a life for yourself takes time and patience, something my very impatient self is continuously trying to work on. There is beauty though in the chaos, the in between, trial and error period of your life, wherever and whatever that might be. If these past few months have taught me anything it’s to go with the flow, not set expectations and just take things day by day. Give yourself grace in whatever stage you are at in your life, everything will eventually work out. You will look back a few months from now and laugh at how far you’ve come, I promise.  

In the middle of this mess and chaos I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity. Huntington is a DREAM you guys! I constantly find me pinching myself that this is my new life. I have prayed for a change and the courage to go out of my comfort zone and I’m so grateful that this is the result. It honestly makes everything else seem so small. I can’t thank you guys enough for having SO MUCH GRACE & PATIENCE with me while I figure things out. I have so many plans for S&S and I’ll get my groove back, just give me time; it will be even better than before, you just wait.