My Favorite Transitional Piece for Fall

Fall has fallen! Happy Fall ya’ll!! If I could pick my favorite season it would be a toss up between Winter and Fall! There’s something so cozy about big bulky sweaters, skirts with over the knee boots and all the pumpkin spice lattes (kidding I actually don’t like those haha!).

With temperatures starting to cool down (a little) I’ve been noticing me reaching for my denim dress a lot more. I got this piece a while ago at a thrift store and absolutely love how versatile it is! I wore it this summer with cute striped tees and sneakers but have continued to find different ways to wear it when transitioning into fall. Here are three ways I’m wearing it:

  1. Pair it with a long sleeve and sneaks                                                                                          I personally think that long sleeves are the way to go when it starts to cool down. If you still want a summer vibe go with a more summer’y color for the long sleeve like yellow or pink, or a more neutral color top with a pop of color with your accessories like I did!

2. A thin sweater with a fun hat!                                                                                                           I think it’s so funny when my mom asks me why I need so many sweaters (like every sweater is the same(; Sweaters aren’t always thick and bulky mom! Haha.  If it’s too hot out to wear a thick sweater, go with a thinner material. Pair it with a fun hat and some booties and you are ready to go!

3. Off the shoulder tops!                                                                                                                        I am an absolute sucker for anything off the shoulder and this look was no exception! The stripes and high pony add a more edgy look while the dress still brings in femininity.


As there it is! Thanks so much for stopping by and let me know in the comments which look is your favorite!(:

P.S I couldn’t find the link to mine specifically but here are some affordable and similar styles that are just as cute!!…/free-people-wandering-star-denim-mini-dress…rap-minidress/5033470…-dress-petite/5061785