Madewell you are a (Jean)ius!

Hellooooo babes! And Happy February! Did anyone else feel like January flew by?! 2019 is already becoming more crazy then 2018.

The first purchase I made in the New Year, (literally New Years Day lol) were a pair of Madewell jeans; a closet staple that has quickly become a repeat for me, (I’m actually currently wearing them while writing this post haha). For those who don’t know, Madewell is the sister company to J. Crew specializing in mostly denim.

You guys know that I’ve wanted a pair of Madewell jeans for a while now. Aside from the thousands of phenomenal reviews, there was always something about spending over $100 on a pair of jeans that I just couldn’t get behind, until recently. Nothing like the start of a new year + being in a big beautiful mall though, that gives you the extra push you need haha. Well, 1 hour and 25 pairs of jeans later and I walked out with the most perfect pair of jeans for the New Year. I am absolutely obsessed with the pair I got, so I figured I would share with you guys the top 5 reasons you NEED a pair of Madewell jeans in your life.

  1. Almost all of their denim is high-rise. For me, this is my #1 because it’s the most important factor when I purchase jeans. Being 5’9, I refuse to buy jeans that sit lower than my belly button, (how were hip huggers ever in!?). However, most companies that state their jeans are ‘high rise’ are usually a ‘mid rise’ on me. A true high-rise pair of denim is an absolute must in any closet. Not only can you execute the perfect front tuck, it also sucks everyyything in, hence making any women feel more confident #winwin.
  2. The employees there are jeans experts- like seriously. I probably tried on close to 25 pairs of jeans and asked a million questions in between reading all of the reviews online. Those girls were so helpful and patient and were always there to help anyone find the perfect fit. They know what works and what doesn’t. I even learned that the lines on your jeans by the pockets are referred to as tiger stripes #learnsomethingneweveryday
  3. They are Made so well! (haha get it?). The quality of these jeans could definitely compete with top shelf designers. They are so soft but also feel very durable and according to reviews can withstand wash after wash.

(Fun fact- Madewell actually started in 1937 as a factory that produced workwear clothes like overalls, jeans and corduroy jackets. 17 years after the factory had shut down, J. Crew reinvented the brand)

  • You get a discount if you are a student. If you are able to show some form of student I.D they will give you 15% off of your purchase as well as $20 off if you donate a pair of old jeans.
  • If you want them alternated they have a special team that will do it for you. Whether you want the hem to be shorter, cut to be a raw hem or want distressing with the jeans they cater to everyone’s needs.  

A few other things you should know about getting a pair of Madewell jeans:

  • They are supposed to fit pretty tight- When I first walked in I had realized I had been buying 2 sizes too big my whole life (where have you guys been?!)
  • You don’t need to wash your jeans that much- every time you wash denim it loses it’s color a little bit more. Since these jeans fit so well you never feel like they are losing it’s shape. P.S- Put your jeans in the freezer to kill off bacteria
  • Try on types of shoes you normally would wear with the jeans. One of the factors in buying mine was that I loved how they looked with mules!

I’m so happy I finally took the plunge and will definitely be purchasing many more pairs of Madewell jeans in the future! Do you guys love Madewell jeans?! Comment your opinion below(:

P.S all photography was done by Nicole Quiroz at

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