Let’s Talk About Headaches!

All right guys! Let’s talk about headaches!

Growing up I was always lucky enough to not have to need glasses, I still am. However with a shift in careers and launching S&S, I have started to notice more frequent headaches and blurry vision after several hours from staring at my computer.

This lead me into trying out the blue light blocking glasses that everyone have been talking about.

I have to be honest though and say, that I originally bought them because I thought that they were cute, and at a $17 dollar price point can you blame me?! Anyways point being; I didn’t think I would actually use them. Well plot twist, I LOVE these glasses!! Since using them I have noticed less headaches as well as more focused attention. I’m in no way stating that these babies cure headaches forever but I definitely think they help, especially at night.

Here’s a few things that I learned about Blue Light:

  • We actually need blue light exposure. The sun emits the most blue light keeping us alert and awake throughout the day. Since our bodies associate blue light with daytime it actually throws our body off when we look at a screen at night causing restless sleep and inconsistent sleeping patterns.
  • The “working distance” is the distance between your eyes and a computer screen, which forces your eyes to focus on the screen in turn causing eye- strain. Blue light glasses filter out some of the blue light from a screen and
  • Too much blue light exposure could lead to damage of the retina and other vision problems down the line

So there you have it! I have actually started wearing mine a few hours before bed and noticed a huge difference in being able to fall asleep. I think everyone should do their research and see if these glasses are for you, your eyes will thank you(: