Stay Humble, Hustle Hard!

Happy Wednesday friends! Can you believe that January is almost over?!  Today’s post is all about businesswomen, or working women in general; Yes I’m talking about you, you sassy girls!!

Disclaimer: This in no way shape or form, diminishes the hard work or dedication that thousands of people (both female and male) put in daily who aren’t a part of the corporate world, this is just my story(: 

I’m going to be honest, becoming an entrepreneur at a young age (I’m only 24) is HARD, like reallyyy hard. Some days I lose motivation, don’t think it’s for me and other days I feel like I was born to be an entrepreneur/ born for this. Today is one of those days where I feel very grateful for my job, and am excited for what the future holds so I’m going with it hahaha #realtalk 

For those of you who don’t know my story, becoming an entrepreneur and business owner was neverrrr something anyone would have ever thought I would ever do, ESPECIALLY me. Guys I have always had a plan: get a degree in Child Development and ASL, move to the east coast, go to Grad School at Gallaudet and start my career. It’s funny when you really find a job you love and excel at, you start you realize that you can have your cake and eat it too. I look back on these last 5 months and realize, I have learned more personally and professionally than in the last 10 years. I always told myself that I would continue on this path until I no longer felt like I was learning or growing anymore and here we are, hopefully less than 8 months away from me opening my own business! It’s crazy the sort of opportunities and doors that God opens for you when you allow him too!

Here are 3 things I have learned with my profession in the last 5 months:

  1. People come and go from your life for alllll different reasons. For me this was the one that I struggled with a lot in the beginning. I’ve never been good at letting someone I care about (which is pretty much anyone lol) out of my life but my job has made me this a little easier. You realize that people’s goals change, you want it for them more than they want it for themselves as well as a thousand other factors, some that you can control and others you can’t.
  2. I’m finally looking towards a future and what that means for my life. I’ve always sucked at handling money, like Sucked, with a capital S. However, this job has provided me with hundreds of resources that have started to help me learn to save money, start investing and realize what it means to become an adult. Nothing in life comes cheap, especially when it comes to my taste (lol).
  3. You sacrifice a lot but in the end it will be worth it; I sacrifice weekends, brunch, girls trips, sleeping in, going on vacations and soon to be, holidays. This for me is something that I struggle with the most. It’s hard for me to not idolize so many girls who are in the position I would love to be in; blogging full time, going on trips and vacations and having so much fun with people they love. However, I’m learning that if I work my butt off right now, (when I’m young and in great shape to work 10 hour days 6 days a week), that in 5-6 years I will have built enough capitol to actually afford the kind of lifestyle I’ve always imagined.
  4. You develop mental toughness. I’m not going to lie when I used to work in the restaurant industry and wedding industry I would call out just because I didn’t feel  like working that day. Now, unless the world is ending, I’m going into work. I’ve worked when I had the flu, food poisoning, colds, deaths, fights and several other personal issues. I choose to wake up and go to work and give my company 100% no matter what, because I have an entire office that counts on me and I count on them in return. I’m also the biggest believer that the people you work with, make the world of a difference. (Which leads me into my last and most important point)
  5. Find a company that 100% respects you and supports you, your beliefs and dreams. I think this was the missing piece in all of my past positions. I used to tell my best friends that they were crazy to go out for drinks with their co-workers, I would always say keep play and work separate. What I’ve realized, is that if you find a job that checks off everything (see #4) that you don’t view them as employees anymore, but rather as your business partners, family and support system. They want what’s best for you and are willing to help you get there. Plus a few glasses of wine at dinner never hurt anybody(;

2019 is the year we as women stand up for our beliefs, pursue our dreams no matter who tells us we can’t. I’m excited to take you all on this crazy journey with me, thanks so much for following along!(: