Hi guys!!! Welcome to Sweaters and Sweets, a fashion and lifestyle blog that I created to share my personal style, inspirations and little bits and pieces of my life. Before i started my blog I was 100% set on going to grad school for SLP (speech language pathology) in Washington DC. I ended up accepting a job at a marketing firm which allowed me to travel all over the US and eventually relocate out to Southern California. It’s so cool to see where i thought i would be and reflect on where i’m at. This past year has really taught me to roll with the punches that life throws and trust in Gods plan. So here i am almost 2 years later rolling with the punches and navigating life in my 20’s.

What started out as a platform based solely on fashion has quickly turned into a community where i can share all aspects of my life. Whether it be tips and tricks, organization, fashion, home or even just a laugh or positive pick me up, my hope is that you can find inspiration and confidence through S&S to help you in your everyday life. I’m no pro at this, i mess up, i have the ugly days too and i’m here to be that support or friend to go to. The social media world can be a place of comparison and i’m here to be as real and open about my life as possible. I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me over the last few years and so excited to see what’s next(: