3 Simple Thanksgiving Looks

The holidays are here, yippee! I can’t even believe this is my first Thanksgiving post since I launched my blog, crazy how time flies and how much this platform has grown already (all thanks to YOU GUYS!). With how busy life has been the last 5 months, I am so excited to slow down and spend some quality time with family, before the crazy holiday season hits. With so much prepping and planning that goes into it, you are soon faced with the dreaded question the morning of; what do I wear? If you are like me, you have probably already thought about this months ago, but come the night before or morning of, and suddenly you find yourself tearing up your closet trying to find the perfect outfit.

You are constantly torn between throwing on your ‘stretchy pants’ and calling it a day, yet you secretly enjoy getting dressed up for the holidays, and lord knows the comments your grandma will make about your comfy clothes. So where’s the in-between?! Guys I’ve been there more times then I would like to admit. There’s something about dressing to impress your big crazy family, or friends that you haven’t seen in forever, that can make this process a little stressful. You just wanna eat some pie dammit! Haha.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is find something you love and feel good in but most importantly is also comfortable. For some, that might go without saying, but I’ve made the mistake of wearing something too tight, short or uncomfortable just to look ‘good’ for pictures, which in turn usually leads me telling myself halfway through dinner, “Megan why did you wear this?” Well fear not babes I’ve come up with 3 looks that will take all the stress away (well maybe a little). Whether your day looks like a traditional big family gathering, a crazy Friendsgiving reunion, or an intimate dinner for two, all 3 looks will help you feel comfortable and festive for any setting. Plus they are all ‘food baby’ approved (:

  1. Comfy chic:

If you haven’t invested in a cape sweater, now’s the time to do so; They are perfect for Thanksgiving and one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. Wear them with a long sleeve and flats or a sweater dress and boots like I did. Accessorize with a simple belt and you are ready to hide that food baby!! Haha.


2. Soft and Edgy:

This look is the perfect combination of a soft but edgy look. Pair a classic turtleneck (loving this color so much this season) with a fun skirt and over the knee boots and you are ready for a Friendsgiving night of boomerangs and wine.


3. Classic and Casual:

This look is by far my favorite (whole post about it coming soon) and probably the one I will be wearing this year. I love the effortlessness of a pair of crisp white jeans and a chunky striped sweater. Pair it with a darker pair of loafers like I did for a more classic look or over the knee boots to stay a little warmer.

And there it is! Hopefully this gave you some inspiration to put together the perfect Thanksgiving outfit (let me know which one is your favorite).  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times more but, THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT IT TRULY MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!<3

P.S. All photos done by Nicole Quiroz