Spring Cleaning

Okay confession time- I have this thing where I hate a mess. Literally I can’t focus on anything unless my room, bathroom and purse are clean and organized and my suitcase is completely unpacked and laundry is done. It just stresses me out of me and I am 100% more productive when those thoughts aren’t […]


fab fit FABULOUS! I started subscribing to fabfitfun this past winter after hearing so many rave reviews on it. For those of you who don’t know, fabfitfun is a monthly or seasonal (I have the seasonal) box that you can subscribe to that includes full size sample products of everything that is currently hot right now;

Sail Away

  Passport Holder: TJ Maxx Hey Guys! So sorry it’s taken me sooo long to post again. I really wanted to keep my blog consistent so I’ve been waiting to post about my cruise before I blogged about anything else. Finally all the pictures were edited and sent so here we are, YAY! As you […]

Off to the Caribbean

    Off to the Caribbean! Hey guys!! Welcome to my first post, Yay! One thing you may not know about me is I’m not only a neat freak but I’m usually always prepared especially when I travel; My friends say I’m the ‘mom’ of the group lol.  This weekend my family and extended family […]